Access Guide to Shodo Island

Access Guide to Shodo Island

Access to Nijushinohitomi Eigamura

After disembarking at one of the ports, take the bus, car, taxi, etc.
However, the ferryboat operating from Olive Navi Pier (Olive Beach) is the most convenient.

Access to Nijushinohitomi Eigamura
Access from each port

Approx. 55 minutes’ drive from Tonosho Port

Approx. 35 minutes’ drive from Ikeda Port

Approx. 25 minutes’ drive from Kusakabe Port

Approx. 13 minutes’ drive from Sakate Port

Approx. 40 minutes’ drive from Fukuda Port

Approx. 65 minutes’ drive from Obe Port

Access from Major Tourist Spots

1Approx. 30 minutes’ drive from Olive Farm/Olive Park/Olive Navi

2Approx. 35 minutes’ drive from Shodoshima Furusatomura/Tenobesomenkan

3Approx. 40 minutes’ drive from Angel Road

4Approx. 13 minutes’ drive from Marukin Shoyu Kinenkan/Tsukudani Kyohotei/Ittokuan

5Approx. 55 minutes’ drive from the mountain top of Kankakei

6Approx. 35 minutes’ drive from Kankakei Koun Station (Kountei)

7Approx. 55 minutes’ drive from Choshikei (Osarunokuni)

8Approx. 2 minutes’ drive from Branch School in the Cape

FerryboatDirect Service for Nijushinohitomi Eigamura

Ferryboat Nijushinohitomi Eigamura

Operating Schedule

(Service is available daily during spring and summer vacations, Golden Week holidays, and September; but Wednesday and Thursday are usually unavailable.)

The sea route used by Miss Oishi to go to the branch school on the cape is re-enactedby the ferryboat. Approx. 10 minutes from Olive Navi Pier (Olive Beach, free parking available) to Nijushinohitomi Eigamura. It is more convenient and faster than a car drive of approx. 30 minutes! Don't miss the ferryboat! Service may be suspended due to inclement weather, etc. Your understanding is appreciated.

Ferryboat Nijushinohitomi Eigamura

A ticket set includes admission to Eigamura Movie Village and
ferryboat ride at a discounted price!

Admission Ticket
for Eigamura Movie Village
+ Round-Trip Ticket
for Ferryboat

Adults 1,790 yen

1,480 yen

Children 890 yen

740 yen

Set tickets are not offered for infants, whose admission fees for Eigamura Movie Village are free.


Ferryboat Tel:090-7781-5112
When traveling in a large group, please make a reservation in advance.

Inquiries regarding operations

Nijushinohitomi Eigamura Tel: 0879-82-2455
Olive Navi Tel: 0879-82-1775